For All Types of Businesses

Thousands of merchants are already experiencing the benefits of Digital Mobile Wallet. From small & medium businesses to large enterprises and even neighbourhood stores.

  • Retail Store The Complete Solution

Add and edit products, issue digital receipts, send e-invoice links, get paid faster and track your sales/transaction reports whenever you want. Effortlessly manage your customer database and get to know their buying patterns and preferences.

  • Grocery Store Stay Relevant & Competitive

Step up to the competition and differentiate yourself by getting all the features of a hybrid and expensive POS system in a simple to use smartphone/tablet app.

  • Supermarket Enhance Customer Service

Say goodbye to long checkout lines by speeding up customer waiting lines, increase customer satisfaction and help you engage with your customers like never before – all using just your smartphone/tablet and Digital Mobile Wallet app.

  • Boutique Manage Catalog & Inventory

Simplify your day to day business operations like taking orders, managing your catalog, inventory and payment processing. Influence your customers to make that big purchase in person in your store or at their home.

  • Restaurant Engage & Reward Customers

Keep your customers happy and make sure they return often by rewarding them for their loyalty. Send out personalized offers, discounts and rewards by collecting mobile numbers and email addresses of your customers

  • Hospitality Streamline Your Business

Increase your guests and customers’ satisfaction with reduced waiting time and response time. Easily streamline operations from managing numerous orders, processing them and receiving payments.

  • Coffee Shop & Bakery Get Everything You Need

Satisfy your appetite for increased sales, repeat customers and improved customer service. Know who your most loyal customers are & what sells the most in your shop. See how your business is going even when you are not at your store.

  • Spa & Salon Extend the Personalization

Free up the counter space and give your customers the most seamless payment processing experience wherever they are. Pamper yourself with the wide range of inbuilt business tools that will put your store on auto pilot and take care of your business.

  • Medical Store The Right Prescription

80% of your sales comes from your repeat customers whose purchases are on a regular intervals. Focus on serving these customers and give them the personal attention they need in your store and even at their door step.

  • Professional Service Reliable Business Partner

From freelancers to doctors, graphic designers and even consultants can manage their practices with just a tap on their smartphone/tab. Hassle free payment processing and business managing tools let you focus on growing your business.

  • Fitness Center Perfect Fit for Your Business

Give your gym members & personal training clients the flexibility to choose from the multitude of payment options for their sessions. With Digital Mobile Wallet, you’ll receive payments on time, record & maintain customer and transactional data.

  • Event & Exhibition Go Wireless

Is yours the go to event of the year? Want to sell your product at an exhibition? With Digital Mobile Wallet, now you can transform your stall into a full fledged storefront. Accept payments from anywhere during the exhibition and never miss out a sale transaction.

  • Education Handle Payments, Save Time

If you run anything between a day care center, play school, high school, college or a professional education institute; then dealing with cash counting errors and cash handling issues is common. Send e-receipts through SMS/Email and save your staff’s time.

  • E-commerce Go Beyond Cash-on-Delivery

Your online business needs more than just cash on delivery. If you want happy customers, then give them the option to pay via card-on-delivery, e-invoices or third party wallets. Open up an entirely new market segment by providing these payment options to your customers.

  • Cab Operator Take Your Business Ahead

Cars improve every year, why shouldn't the way you accept payments? Digital Mobile Wallet makes it easy for you to accept any form of payment on-the-go from your customers. It takes no time to set up and is easy to use just like an automatic car.

  • Travel Agency Payments On-the-Go

When your customers want to travel the world, why not let your transaction solution also go places. With Digital Mobile Wallet, you will be able to accept more payments using your smartphone/tablet and manage your travel business without much effort.

…and many other business verticals

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